That's not how you eat XLB

 OH. MY GOD. That's not how you eat xiao long baos!!! You're missing the best part. 😭

Time Out London posted a video on Facebook showing diners bursting xiao long baos. Asian foodies outraged. 

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Pom-Pom Crabs And Their Anemones

It's as adorable and odd as it sounds. The crabs hold sea anemones in a symbiotic relationship. If they lack two full anemone bouquets (one for each claw) they'll split the one anemone they do have. They'll also fight another crab to steal its anemones.

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'Kitchen thinking' is the extent to which people think about unrelated past transgressions when facing a current conflict. For example, you're arguing with your partner about not completing a chore, and this makes you think about how your partner was rude to a waitress last week. Turns out that this is baaaaad for relationships. Even though you're not verbally including unrelated past transgressions ('kitchen sinking') thinking about them is still harmful.

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When gods were held responsible for luck, we were limited to prayerful petitions for good fortune. Now the architects of our fate in games can be looked up on LinkedIn. With this knowledge, our sensitivity to odds that don’t feel quite right has been heightened, and designers need to compensate.

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Even if you've been avoiding Trump in the news, this is definitely worth watching.

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Narcissists enjoy short-lived popularity. Work on your emotional intelligence for enduring interpersonal relationships.

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How to Legally Own Another Person

An essay by Nicholas Nassim Taleb on employees and contractors. Why would you bother hiring employees in the first place? They're more expensive than contractors (long-term cost, insurance, etc.), but you're buying their dependability. They're risk-averse, and reliant on you for their steady paycheck.

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Sears, which once revolutionized American retail with its catalogues and big box stores, has now been given a $200m credit line to make its last days more bearable.

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